Your photos

Heres how to take photos for your pet portrait that I can paint best from. The better your photos the better my artwork will be but I can work from almost anything.
The more memory your digital photo takes up the better! IF POSSIBLE TAKE YOUR PHOTOS ON A CAMERA & NOT A PHONE unless you have a really good camera on it. Please do not compress photos when e-mailing.

It is usually best if you can get level with your pet. Not looking either down or up with the camera.

Photos should be well focused with your pet taking up as much of the photo as possible. Natural light will always produce the best results and please remember that really bright sunlight and camera flash can sometimes cause problems to paint pets from.

You can e-mail photos WHICH MUST BE IN JPEG FORMAT PLEASE (absolutely no .pdf files please) but if sending by post you may wish to send me copies of any unreplaceable photos.

Then I can start painting...XXX Julie Hollinshead

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